How to add Games to Your Profile

We are constantly striving to bring as many games as possible to the Gamers Grid platform but we figured this was a good time to explain how you can add new games to your profile so that you can find people to play with.


To add a New game the steps are as follows:

1. Open the Gamers Grid app

2. tap the menu icon on the top left

3.Tap your Username next to the lightning symbol to access your profile

4.Tap "Edit Profile"

5. Scroll down and tap "Games"

6. When you are done adding games tap "NEXT" on the Gaming System selection screen

7. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and tap "SAVE" 



Throwback to TwitchCon 2016

Images from TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego where we launched our iOS and Android apps


Wednesday New Games for Gamers Grid

Happy hump Day! To Celebrate we have added 4 new games to the Gamers Grid platform: Forza Horizon 3, Path of Exile, Marvel Future Fight and Duelyst! Special thanks to "Wr11235" and "Red12c" for the game suggestions


Open Beta Download instructions

[Now Closed] Thank you for Signing up for the Gamers Grid Beta!

Gamers Grid is a Networking app for gamers where you can find new compatible gamers to play with while keeping up with your friends' gaming experience across all gaming devices. We hope you enjoy this pre-lease version of our app as it will allow for us to test the platform and determine what needs improvement

Below you will find download links with instruction on how to download and enter the Gamers Grid Beta App for your Android or iOS device. As this is an Open Beta, feel free to share the download links.



How to Download and enter the Gamers Grid Beta on iOS:

1.       Tap on the device specific link to download the Gamers Grid beta

2.       Wait for app to install

3.       Establish Trust with app developer (MOBISOFT) Tap Settings > General > Profiles or Device Management. You then see a profile for “Mobisoft Infotech, LLC” under the "Enterprise App" heading

4.       Tap the Profile to establish trust for this developer

How to Download and enter the Gamers Grid Beta on Android:

1.       Tap on the device specific link to download the Gamers Grid beta

2.       Wait for app to install

3.       Go into you Android device Settings

4.       Tap the Security option under the PERSONAL section

5.       On the Security window, tap to check the checkbox representing Unknown sources under the DEVICE ADMINISTRATION section

6.       Finally, on the opened pop up box, tap OK button to complete the process.

NOTE:  This app is in a pre-release stage of development. This means that some parts of the app might not function as expected or not function at all. Facebook login is nonfunctional for this beta, please sign up using your email address. Most glitches/bugs can be fixed by simply closing the app and reopening it. If you experience a major glitch please contact us at

Duration of Beta: The Beta will be available from now until September 9th and the official app launch will take place September 16th.

Survey: In a few days you will receive a survey where you will be able to give your feedback on your experience with the app. Please fill this survey out as it will greatly help us improve the platform before launch


For Questions and concerns please contact us at