Where we've been

Some of you might have noticed that we haven't been communicating much or sending our weekly update emails for the past couple of months. Rest assured, we've been hard at work and thought now would be a good time to share an update to let you know how things are going.

After reaching a certain number of users in the Gamers Grid app we ran into a number of issues, first with how our servers were optimized and second with the platform's back-end (the stuff that goes on behind the scenes)

We fixed the server issues relatively quickly by optimizing the way they can scale up to accommodate for higher traffic loads. Then we started working on the back-end stuff, beginning with the matching algorithm. We did some work improving what we had but after looking at things more closely and considering where we want to take the Gamers Grid platform we concluded that it would be best to create a completely new back-end system.

In the future, we want Gamers Grid to be a lot more than a mobile app, we want gamers from around the world to use Gamers Grid everywhere they enjoy gaming. And in order to achieve that we can't afford to cut any corners.

Rebuilding the backend while making improvements to the matching algorithm was no easy task but we’ve already implemented some of the changes into the app that you are using today.

As part of these improvements, we had to change some of our methods, including how we store passwords. With the old back-end, your passwords were encrypted from end-to-end and so will they be with the new back-end but in order to move your account over you will be prompted to reset your password once we make the change.

We hope that you do enjoy this new experience within the Gamers Grid app and continue to use our platform to find the best people to play with for all your games. If you have any question you can write to us anytime at contact@GamerGridApp.com

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